Commercial Office Space
We offer Property Search services covering investments in buying, selling and leasing of small office space in Mumbai ranging from 500 to 25000 sq.ft With a rich and extremely well-maintained database at our disposal, we provide our clients with accurate search results and detailed information on related aspects. Click here for new opportunities in commercial office space.
Residential Apartments
Our team get to know your current and anticipated needs. You may be a first-time buyer, perhaps you need more space or you’re looking for a sound investment; whatever your circumstances, we’ll help you find and help you acquire your ideal residential property. And we’ll make sure it all happens as quickly as possible with minimum stress on your part, ensuring a seamless property buying experience.
System & Processes in real estate selling
We provide the processes and systems for streamlining and standardizing the key activities in Pre - Sales and Post Sales for time and resources optimization. The Process Management provides you the complete solution with industry best practices.
Sales & Marketing Consultancy
We act as consultant to developers and handle their Pre Sales & Post Sales of their projects. We plan and execute the Marketing & Sales Strategy along with the developer, enabling to sell their projects and provide the developer with systematic and periodic information system.
NRI Sales
The property demand in Mumbai is remarkably high, and NRIs shows deep interest in investing in real estate. We help our customers with reliable, transparent and hassle free transaction. We act as an extended team for developer to handle NRI sales & marketing.
Real Estate Sales Training
No matter what you build, your target market, or where in the world you build it, the business that matters most is increasing your sales revenue and reducing unnecessary costs. Our time-tested experience and proven expertise are focused on maximizing your ROI and profit margins. We conduct training for developers sales team through our specialized training modules covering following

  • Staying Focused in Challenging Markets
  • Change Management.
  • Mindsets of Professional Sales Person
  • Sales Cycle.
  • Right words to create Positive Emotions.
  • How to read your Prospect.
  • Managing Objections successfully.
  • Closing Process - to increase strike rate.
  • Handling Negotiations and many more.